Advantages of Upgrading to a 200 Amp Service Panel

Electricity is a key part of modern society and omnipresent in homes. When it comes to all things electrical, homeowners choose to leave the installation and repair work to licensed professionals. They are right to do so because licensed electricians have the necessary know-how and experience to handle any issue in a safe and efficient way. Trying to DIY an electrical issue can be very dangerous, sometimes even fatal.

Still, a responsible homeowner should get informed about the possibilities for improving the electrical system of their home and seek help from licensed Warwick electricians to do the actual work.

For example, when purchasing properties, homeowners usually don’t consider the circuit panel as the most important feature, but it shouldn’t be disregarded. A circuit panel or a service panel is a crucial aspect of the home electric system, needed for it to function properly. The amperage of it depends on the kind of home that is purchased, and according to some estimates, 100 amp service is a minimum.

Taking into consideration the number of electrical installations and sockets required to indulge in all the benefits of modern home appliances, the recommendation is to upgrade the service to 200 amps. Here are some of the benefits of 200 amp upgrades.

Increasing the capacity

The key difference a 200 amp brings over a 100 amp is the larger capacity, enabling a greater electrical flow. This means that you would be able to use more electrical appliances, as more power would be distributed to them from the city network.

The greater electric capacity is absolutely necessary if larger electrical systems are included, but it is also a useful tool for big families with myriad small appliances which need to be plugged all the time or at least during the greater part of the day. The additional power serves its purpose of boosting efficiency.

Stabilizing the circuits

Another advantage of 200 amp service panels is that they are larger, which suggests more space for including additional circuits. The number of circuits is important for distributing the numerous appliances and systems around the place instead of cramming them across a small space.

Having a larger panel greatly reduces the risks of overloading, and in the longer run, possible short circuits and even fires. In this case, upgrading means having a peace of mind, which is always a good investment.

Thinking of the future

Regardless of how old your home is, it is necessary to make sure your amp panel is up to date and strong enough to support your needs. It might be in good condition, but its amperage is equally important, as is the ability to accommodate some special breakers, such as GFCI.

A good way of thinking about it is considering future plans. If they include home improvements, they will almost certainly somehow be connected to the electrical system it has. A good electrical circuit and panel is a way to avoid future headaches when remodeling and invest a smaller amount now so you won’t have to invest more later.

Contact Licensed Warwick electricians

In case you are unsure whether your home has a sufficiently high amp service and whether it will need upgrading soon, call Patriot Electric to schedule an inspection of your system and get the best advice on what to do. Our professional licensed electricians will gladly answer all your questions and provide the best quality upgrades and modifications in Warwick, setting safety as the first priority. Increasing the amperage of your home is something we do regularly, ensuring you will use the most of all your modern appliances and amenities.

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