When problems hit your power supply system, your residence or workplace is left in the dark. This is when you need to reach out to a licensed electrician serving Greenwood Lake to identify the problem and fix it properly.

Electrical system breakdowns cause arguably the biggest impact in our lives. When your power system becomes faulty for one reason or the other, your television won’t power on, your personal computer gives up on you even if you have an important project to finish. This underlines the importance of restoring things to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Patriot Electric is Greenwood Lake’s best licensed electrician company, always ready to provide you with quality and timely electrical solutions.

Contact us today to have our professional Greenwood Lake electricians take care of your power system for you.

Maintenance and upgrades

The wires in your old buildings eventually become timeworn and tangled up. Greenwood Lake licensed electricians employed by Patriot Electric have the necessary knowledge, right tools and equipment to carry out maintenance and upgrades of your electrical system. The overhead wires eventually need to be replaced or a faulty line repaired. We will also unearth underground cables and fix any issues affecting your power supply.

When you need wiring for a new construction, we’re only a call away. Contact us today for a professional yet affordable electrical service in Greenwood Lake or Montgomery.


When it comes to power supply and lighting, our licensed electricians do it all. Whether you want more lighting inside or outside of your home, or you feel that your current system is not up to par, we’re always available for consultations and getting the job for you as soon as possible.

You do not even have to worry about changing bulbs because we can do it for you. Don’t even twiddle with fittings because we’re here for you! We know that you may not have the ladders or other tools and equipment to do the job right. It is certainly dangerous to undertake electrical jobs without the necessary tools, equipment and knowledge.

At Patriot Electric, we also offer some of the most advanced lighting systems including remote controlled lighting that can be switched on and off from anywhere around your home. Also, our lighting systems enable you to switch on or dim the lights in accordance with your needs and also switch off the lights from anywhere in your home. This helps you save time and energy resources significantly.

Generator installations

While electricity is obviously an incredibly important and inexpensive source of powering our homes, businesses and industries, the unforeseeable nature of power cut-offs imposes the need for backup energy sources.

At Patriot Electric, we advise our clients to install standby generators to sidestep losses and inconveniences caused by power disruptions. We not only install generators for homes and businesses but also maintain proper working conditions for your backup power source.

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