Home Lighting Control

lighting control systemsYour home can be at your fingertips.  Almost everyone owns a smartphone – which just requires an easy to use downloadable app.

Patriot Electric & Generator Co. can install smart control devices concealed behind your walls that allow you to turn on/off any electrical light in your home through your smartphone, or via the internet.

Don’t worry – if your internet is ever down, the system will return to standard wall-switch mode, no problems!

At the touch of your fingertip, your kitchen lights, garage lights, living room lights and any other room can turn on/off. You can even set a “scene” which automatically dims, turns on, or off certain lights throughout the home, based on a pre-programmed one-touch preference. Ask us about your options, there are too many to list here!

Not only can we engineer and implement the perfect system that meets your needs, but we will explain to you how to use it, and we offer optional re-programming packages to reconfigure and/or expand your system for the future to control more devices!

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