What Is National Electrical Safety Month?

Every year, the month of May is celebrated across North America as the month of promoting electrical safety at home, school and workplace. The importance of raising the awareness about the various dangers involving electricity, including electrical fires and other accidents, can never be overemphasized. Various resources have been created by the Electrical Safety Foundation International to inform and educate the general public.

Let’s learn some more about ESFI’s annual campaign for electrical safety and what you can do to promote safety in your community.

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About the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)

Founded in 1994 as a non-profit organization, the Electrical Safety Foundation International is a leader in electrical safety promotion across the U.S. For over 20 years, ESFI has established a positive rapport with and earned respect from the electrical industry, relevant media and a great many consumers. Its stellar reputation is owed to the persistence in addressing electrical safety in innovative and easy-to-understand ways.

The main goal of ESFI is to help lower the number and frequency of electricity-related injuries, deaths and damages to property. The organization has built a vast network of safety partners to disseminate invaluable information to as many consumers as possible. The organization is committed to being an unbiased authority on electrical issues.

The National Electrical Safety Month is ESFI’s annual campaign, organized with the aim of educating key audiences about electrical safety and equipping them for the prevention of electrical hazards.

Each campaign features electrical safety resources that are regularly updated according to the new developments in technology. This electrical safety awareness campaign reaches out to homes, schools and workplaces with media outreach materials and social media content.

National Electrical Safety Month 2017

With this year’s campaign, ESFI continues to reach out to the general public and advocate electrical safety and education on preventative measure that can be taken in the home, schools or at work.

The 2017 campaign features a collection of updated electrical safety resources, including fact sheets, templates and tools that can be used by anyone according to their needs. In that way, a great number of individuals and organizations can promote electrical safety in their own homes, companies or the wider community.

Like every year, ESFI is spreading the campaign’s life-saving messages through various media outreach materials and content on social media.

2017 National Electrical Safety Month Safety Advocate Guide

This year’s campaign also features the 2017 National Electrical Safety Month Electrical Safety Advocate Guide. The guide offers instructions on how to engage the people around us, our family, friends and coworkers, in the electrical safety discourse. There are tips on how to promote electrical safety on social media and a number of useful resources accessible online.

A specially designed electrical safety resource for children is particularly interesting. It helps parents and teachers to teach the children about electricity with the help of engaging, age-appropriate cartoons and games. With this resource, ESFI is pointing out that we should not only educate ourselves but perhaps more importantly – we should teach our kids how to protect themselves and others in a way they can relate to.

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