Are you in the process of building a new house, remodeling your home or simply trying to fix a faulty electrical problem? Regardless of the situation, you should hire only the best, licensed electrician in Newburgh.

No matter how enthusiastic you are, most electrical situations are not a DIY kind of task. For any electrical fault you come across at home or work, call Patriot Electric, and our team of licensed Newburgh electricians will take care of it for you properly and in a timely manner.

Below are some of the professional electrical services we provide to Newburgh residents.

General Electrical Services

Almost every aspect of our contemporary lifestyle is powered by electricity. Electricity helps us stay connected to the outside world, perform our chores, and improve the quality of our lives overall. Business proprietors will also confirm how dependent they are on electricity for their everyday activities.

Therefore, a minor electric glitch at home or work could be a significant hindrance to you. Factoring all these in, the licensed Newburgh electricians at Patriot Electric work from 8am to 8pm the entire calendar to ensure that your family is safe, your life is uninterrupted and business is running as usual.

Some of the services we provide include outdoor light scenes, light design & implementation, roof de-icing cables, new circuits, and more.

Generators for Your Home or Commercial Property

 Thanks to the electricity utility companies, we have power running in our homes and commercial premises. However, during a storm or any eventuality that may lead to a power outage, you will need a backup plan. As the licensed electricians in Newburgh, we can install either a standby or a portable generator to serve as a backup in case you experience a power failure.

A standby generator that runs on natural gas or propane would be a good choice. We install it to respond automatically when your utility power fails. This means that whether you are home or not, neither your fridge nor your sump pump will cease to run.

On the other hand, a portable generator is also a good option as it would perform the same functions. It runs on gasoline, but you need to be present to set it up and fire it up. We also provide customized systems which we fully assemble for your convenience.

For your generators to operate flawlessly and live long, they need scheduled maintenance. As your licensed electricians, we perform adjustment, 20+ point inspection, cleaning, wearable component and fluid replacement.

Do not worry about a power outage – call Patriot Electric today, and we will evaluate and advise you regarding your backup power requirements. We also provide a variety of financing options.

Home Lighting Control

One thing about being the best electricians in Newburgh is that we understand both the functional and aesthetic purpose of light in your home. We have embraced technology and can integrate it into your lighting system for your convenience. Controlling your lights can be as easy as you want it to be.

Our licensed and experienced electricians install smart control appliances behind your walls, which enable you to control every aspect of your lighting from your Smartphone or the internet. The best part is that our team can customize the perfect system to cater to your preferences. We can also provide optional re-programming packages.

Partner with the best and licensed electricians in Newburgh and enjoy our extensive services at reasonable rates.

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