How Portable Generators Benefit Your Home and Business

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Electricity is one of the things we often take for granted. It’s only during power outages that we realize how dependent we are on various electrical devices. It’s the things we use on a daily basis: the fridge, the toaster, the TV, the phone – the list goes on.

So – how can you make sure a power outage doesn’t affect your daily routine or safety?

Get a portable power generator!

While you may think that one of the main benefits of having a portable generator is convenience, it’s actually safety. Read on and discover some of the many ways a portable generator can save not only the day but also your home or business.

Has Multiple Plugins

First and foremost, you can plug in more than one appliance into your portable generator, from your freezer to your laptop. It means that, in the case of a power outage or other emergencies, you don’t have to sacrifice any of the comforts you are used to. You can power all the appliances you need easily and conveniently.

Always where You Need It

As its name explicitly states, a portable generator is a movable appliance. What’s more, you can move it extremely easily and place it wherever you need it to be. Most models, especially the newer ones, have pneumatic wheels and never-flat tires, which speaks volumes of how easy it should be to move it around.

Moreover, depending on the size and application, there are generators you can carry by hand, just like you would carry a travel bag.

User-Friendly and Safe

It addition to being easy to move, a portable generator is also easy to use. While installing, refueling and maintenance require the attention of a licensed electrician, using it is fairly uncomplicated. In order to get some generators running, you only need to press the start button.  

More importantly, it’s safe to use. Due to a number of safety features every portable generator is equipped with, there are minimal risks of any mishaps. Features such as low oil shut-off and circuit breaker protection are extremely important because they prevent the generator from running when it’s low on oil and prevent overloads respectively.

Keeps You Safe

There are certain appliances that we just can’t do without. Just think about this: how do you get informed about current affairs and emergencies? Most of us either read the news online or watch TV. Imagine you couldn’t power your TV, laptop or mobile; how would you know if something out of the ordinary was happening? What if you needed to evacuate and you didn’t find out in time?

Besides, imagine not being able to power your fridge. Without electricity, the food in your fridge will go bad very quickly. If the outage was extensive, chances are your whole neighborhood would be cut off and no grocery stores would work. This is definitely not the risk you should take.

Keeps Your Business Running

By the same token, if you are running a restaurant and there is a sudden power outage, would you risk all the groceries going to waste? Even the seemingly insignificant things, such as printing out a report or business contract in your office, may prove to be a huge inconvenience if you don’t account for it in advance. With a portable generator, your regular business routine doesn’t have to be disturbed.

Adds Comfort to the Outdoors

Apart from the benefits for indoor usage, portable generators are excellent for outdoor applications. For example, it can come in handy if you are planning a camping trip. Not only will it guarantee comfort but also safety, as you can count on all appliances running properly.

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