Power systems take a lot of time and skill to organize, install and maintain, which is why you want to hire the best and licensed electrician to handle all things electrical around your house or commercial property.

At Patriot Electric, we have always sought to help out at all times electric issues come up, whether we are talking about residential areas or commercial enterprises. New York has, without a doubt, some of the best electricians around, but it takes time to get around to what you need. For those in the Walden area, there is no excuse for not landing the best in the business.

Here is what Patriot Electric, the leading licensed electrician in Walden, NY, can do for you.

Electric services

Electricity will flow all the time, but when there is a breakup in the current flow, you are going to experience all sorts of problems. Your systems will refuse to power, your radio won’t turn on, your TV will play dead, and you won’t be able to heat up anything during winter. At Patriot Electric, our work involves making sure that this does not happen at all.

Our electricians work toward fixing your connections to make sure that issues do not crop up when least expected. Circuits break, wires disconnect, and fuses break. There is no way of avoiding all these things completely, but Walden’s best electricians work diligently to ensure that there are no inconveniences as a result. We provide top-notch services at both residential and commercial levels.

Smart Lighting

There is more to lighting than just switches and bulbs, and you can be sure that Walden’s best electricians at Patriot Electric know that. Instead of you having to twiddle with fittings, we undertake the project knowing that there is always a need to step it up.

We install equipment that enables you to remotely manage your lighting from literally any part of your premises, thus saving up on time and resources. After the installation, you are able to turn on, dim or switch off your lights at any time from any part of your premises.


With a team of licensed electricians in Walden, Patriot Electric feels that while electricity is a great choice of fuel and natural elements, we need more. This is why we offer standby and portable generators capable of curbing any problem with electricity. We can also maintain the refurbished equipment to keep it clean and operational at all times.


If you are looking to raise your electricity efficiency a few notches, then we are more than happy to chip in with professional ideas and superior services.

Contact our friendly staff at 845-576-6700 every day from 8 am to 8 pm to get more information and schedule an on-site visit by our licensed electricians.

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