If you want superb electrical installations for your new building or you’re looking for prompt electrical repairs, you’re in the right place. Patriot Electric is Washingtonville’s best electrician service company offering top quality and fast electrical services.

It is strongly recommended that you only let a licensed electrician work on your electricity supply – for your own safety. We perform thorough background checks of all our technicians to make certain that they’re well-trained, fully licensed and approachable professionals who are passionate about offering the best electrical solutions with care and devotion.

When you reach us to schedule electrical repairs, replacements or installations, you can rest assured that your project is done by the best licensed electricians.

Emergency electrical services in Washingtonville

Electricity powers nearly every component and aspect of modern living. When power is cut off, you’re essentially disconnected from the world around you. Your PC is as good as dead and your phone eventually shuts down. Additionally, living conditions inside your home can become unbearable when you cannot turn on your AC to maintain cool temperatures during the summer or maintain warm conditions in the cold months. Some businesses entirely depend on electricity and when the supply system becomes faulty, the proprietor is effectively rendered out of business.

These eventualities are bound to happen at one point or the other, but when they do, you will need the help of Washingtonville’s best electrician to restore normal power supply. Simply give Patriot Electric a call every day from 8 am to 8 pm and our licensed electricians, who are essentially your neighbors, will come to your premises within minutes and fix the issue.

Qualified home and business electricians in Washingtonville, NY

We specialize in providing excellent electrical services for homes and businesses. We take pride in our capability to provide reliable electrical services for the entire Cornwall community and Orange County in general promptly and efficiently.

There is no electrical project that is too big for our dependable electricians. We have seen it all and this puts us at a favorable position to deliver the best results for your job, drawing on insights from previous experiences.

Similarly, there’s no job that is too small for us. We treat every customer respectfully while sticking to the unique requirements of each project. Whether you need lighting outside of your home or business, or you want power supply for a certain appliance such as a HVAC unit, pool pump or surveillance system, we are the go-to electricians in Washingtonville.

Fully-licensed electricians in Washingtonville

Electrical services provided by Patriot Electric are reasonably priced so you get to enjoy a quality service at an affordable price. Call 845-576-6700 today to hire the services of a leading electrical company in Washingtonville and beyond.

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