When it comes to looking for an electrician, you will need a licensed professional that takes care of your needs. If you live in the general area of Woodbury, NY, we have some good news: Patriotic Electric Orange County NY has been providing services in this area for a long time and boasts seasoned professionals who know precisely how to get things done.

We take a special interest in each client and work towards fixing their electrical problems, making sure that there are no glitches in the long run.

If you are looking for a licensed electrician in Woodbury, then you will be glad to know we offer the range of services listed below.

General electrical services

Electrical fixtures around the home or business premises tend to develop issues at some point. When this happens, you want to call in a trustworthy electrician in Woodbury. Whether you are looking at blown circuits or damaged fuses, we are the professionals to call in. With an unwavering commitment to the community and customers, Patriot Electric is your reliable partner for all things electrical.

Electricity is no child’s play, so you might want to stay away from DIY fixes as their outcome could pose potential risks to property and more importantly, human health. Our electrical services are geared toward making sure that both commercial and residential properties are safe for habitation and use.

Home lighting systems

As the leading licensed electricians in Woodbury & Goshen, we understand that home lighting serves a functional as well as aesthetic purpose. At the same time, we feel that technology serves as an important part of modern lighting systems. This is why we make residential lighting even easier and convenient. We achieve this by providing equipment that can be carefully concealed on the walls and managed from a smart application installed in your mobile device from any room.

The installations allow you to dim the lights as well as manipulate the color shades. Be able to control your lighting system from any part of your home!


As Woodbury’s best electricians, we are keen to make sure that your activities are not interrupted just because you could not find a backup to your electricity system. We achieve this by providing and installing standby generators in case your electricity goes off. If you want the portable type of generator, we work toward ensuring that you get precisely that. This gives you a sense of flexibility in how you can use your generator. Most of the generators we can install for you run on gasoline or propane.

Apart from providing and installing generators, we go all out to ensure that the systems we install are well-maintained, which in turn makes for flawless performance.

Amp upgrades

At Patriot Electric, we consider ourselves to be Woodbury’s finest when it comes to large AMP upgrades. We inspect your premise thoroughly and advise you accordingly.

As the best licensed electricians in Woodbury, we make it a priority to get the job done properly and thoroughly with minimum inconvenience to your daily activities. If you are looking for great electrical services in the area, reach out to us at 845-576-6700.

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