We all depend on electricity delivered from the utility companies for life’s daily necessities. When the power fails during a storm or for any other reason, a generator can save the day and your home.

A standby backup generator runs on propane or natural gas. It would come on automatically when utility power fails, even if you’re not home. This is important to keep your food from becoming stale in the fridge, or keeping your sump pump running, or keeping hot water flowing through your pipes to prevent freezing.

A portable generator can do the same, but  requires you to be present to set it up outside, start it up, and plug it into your home. You would have to store gasoline to refuel it, or make frequent trips to the gas station during extended outages, provided there is gasoline available. 


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Patriot Electric & Generator Co offers full turn-key generator installations for Orange County, NY. Both home standby generators, and portable generators. They each require to be connected to your home’s electrical system by a licensed electrician, like us.  We also offer a full factory certified maintenance service for Generac generators. 

?Our mission is to provide a competitive, honest fair price, and an unrivaled service from inception to installation, and worry-free maintenance for years ahead..

Give us a call, it may cost less than you think, and we also offer special financing!

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