Monroe NY Electrician Explains the Benefits of a Home Lighting Control System

Having a fully automated house with the control at your fingertips was once only the subject of cartoons and science fiction movies. Thanks to modern technology, most of the things which were once merely the product of creative writing can now actually be seen. One of these modern advantages is the home lighting control system, which can be integrated into almost any type of house. In this article, a licensed electrician Monroe NY homeowners trust explains the advantages of a home lighting control system.

Avoid excessive number of wall switches

If you choose a lighting control system, it will be a way to get rid of the usual wall cluttered with numerous light switches. There will instead be one central keypad which will allow you full control of the system and more space for other home features.

One button to control them all

The system will enable you a one-click control over all the light systems in your hose. This means that there is no need to switch on or off every individual light at a time. You can do so by using a simple smartphone app from the comfort of your bed or when leaving the house. An electrician Monroe NY residents know and trust can give you further explanations on the spot.

Save energy and money

Use dimming to save the amount of energy your system will spend and reduce your monthly bills. A home lighting system includes the possibility of using LED bulbs, which boost energy savings by a significant percentage. And with dimming the lights, you will not only save energy, but also increase the bulb lifespan.

Create scene presets

Different activities in the house need different type of lighting, and with a home control system you can make several key presets to use for later convenience. For instance, you might not want total dark while watching a movie, but just the right amount of dimming. Similarly, a dinner might require one type of illumination, but a romantic night will prompt another. This can also be used for lighting up corridors and hallways.

Control exterior lights

Outdoor lighting is used to make people feel secure, but also for amplifying features such as backyard pools or garden decorations. A lighting system can tell the landscape lights when to switch on or off according to the sunrise and sunset times.

Turn lights off in empty rooms

With a lighting control system, you will prevent lights being on in empty rooms, because the occupancy sensor will automatically shut the lights when a room is vacant. This is especially great for bathrooms, closets and garages.

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