Are you in the process of building a new house, remodeling your home or simply trying to fix a faulty electrical problem? Regardless of the situation, you should hire only the best, licensed electrician in Newburgh.

?No matter how enthusiastic you are, most electrical situations are not a DIY kind of task. For any electrical fault you come across at home or work, call Patriot Electric, and our team of licensed Newburgh electricians will take care of it for you properly and in a timely manner.

?Below are some of the professional electrical services we provide to Newburgh residents.

General Electrical Services

?Almost every aspect of our contemporary lifestyle is powered by electricity. Electricity helps us stay connected to the outside world, perform our chores, and improve the quality of our lives overall. Business proprietors will also confirm how dependent they are on electricity for their everyday activities.

?Therefore, a minor electric glitch at home or work could be a significant hindrance to you. Factoring all these in, the licensed Newburgh electricians at Patriot Electric work from 8am to 8pm the entire calendar to ensure that your family is safe, your life is uninterrupted and business is running as usual.

?Some of the services we provide include outdoor light scenes, light design & implementation, roof de-icing cables, new circuits, and more.

Generators for Your Home or Commercial Property

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