Sometimes the shortcut can, in turn, become the long-cut. Nature has taught us how to improvise and find the quickest solution to solving a problem. Often, it also means the less costly solution. When it comes to electrical issues, this kind of thinking is dangerous.

?Licensed electricians are here for a reason. If an electrical job is not done correctly, there may be serious financial and even health repercussions.

?At Patriot Electric, our licensed electricians are experienced, qualified, they observe safety codes and above all, adhere to professionalism at all times. Read on to learn more about our services.

Residential Electrical Services

?Many people are skeptical about who they invite into their homes. When faced with an electrical issue, they get nervous about making the right choice. Patriot Electric is a company run on family values, and we fully guarantee the professionalism and reliability of our licensed electricians. As our customers, you are our family!

?Our reliable quality and service delivery have earned us a stellar reputation among New Windsor residents and beyond. Our extensive list of residential services includes fan installation, outdoor lighting scenes, lighting design & implementation, outlet installation, roof de-icing and new circuits.

Commercial Electrical Services

?Our reputation as the best electricians in New Windsor is largely due to the quality of our service. We are attentive to detail, complete our projects on time and put customer safety first at all times.

As licensed electricians, we know our customers’ needs regarding the responsiveness and reliability of electrical systems. We often perform same-day repairs and respond to your call immediately so as to minimize your business downtime. The size of the project is not a determinant of the quality of our work because we devote ourselves fully to all projects, regardless of the scope and complexity.

Be it a repair, installation, upgrade or maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reliable Generator Installation in New Windsor

?Occurrences such as natural disasters can cause a severe power failure. When this happens, it brings great comfort and peace of mind to know that you have a backup plan.

A backup generator ensures that power continues to flow and your life continues normally. At Patriot Electric, we can install a broad array of standby and portable generators. For generator installation and connection to your home electrical system, you can fully rely on our skilled licensed electricians.

Generator Maintenance

?Generators need proper care for longevity and full performance. As the best qualified and licensed electricians in New Windsor, we provide full maintenance for your portable or standby generators. It includes a 20+ point inspection, fluid replacements, adjustment, cleaning, and more.

?We take it a notch higher and wax the outer shell of the generator for the ultimate finish protection.

Electrical Upgrades

?It takes a licensed electrician to perform an electrical upgrade and this is where Patriot Electric proves to be a reliable partner. Our clients are advised to call for a consultation in case they are unsure about the upgrade they want. To reduce the hassle of paperwork and arranging with inspectors, we take care of the whole process for you.

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