Why Regular Commercial Generator Service Is Important

Having a generator can mean a whole world of difference when it comes to sudden and unexpected power outages. Although power outages aren’t an everyday occurrence, when they do happen, they can really cause problems to both business and commercial properties. The number of issues a broken down generator can cause are myriad. In order to prevent them, homeowners and owners of commercial properties must always have in mind the importance a regular generator service Orange County makes.

The stakes are higher in the case of businesses, such as data centers, health-related facilities or government offices, including but not limited to the police and fire department. In such a case, a power outage can cause loss of key data or encumber urgent interventions which could save lives. This is why a generator is simply required and needs to always be ready and functional.

As a commercial property owner, you should look into several aspects of preventive maintenance. Below is a step-by-step overview.

Exhaust system

The whole exhaust system should be checked for possible leaks which need to be remedied immediately. If not functioning properly, the exhaust pipes might also excessively heat some surrounding areas or produce smoke.

Lubrication service

Following specifications for when oil can be checked, this inspection should include oil levels and viscosity. Generator usage can also account for broken filters, which need to be replaced timely and according to procedure.

Fuel system

As an important aspect of generator functions, fuel needs to have functional supply lines and filters which mustn’t rub against anything. Leaks and wear are also dangerous and need to be eliminated immediately.

Cooling system

As in the case with oil, coolant levels also need to be checked regularly. They are an important part of the mixture required for the generator to operate unhindered and they need to have a clear way, without any obstructions in the form of dirt or foreign objects.


Without a functional engine, there is no functional generator. Although it is best if a power outage doesn’t occur and the generator isn’t needed, the engine should be turned on periodically. This way it won’t deteriorate and become useless when it is needed most.

Testing batteries

Another common cause of generator system failure can be traced to faulty batteries. The battery must be kept fully charged and regularly tested to see which condition it is in. The periodical test should be done under load when the generator is started, for a best result of voltage. They also need to be kept clean and corrosion-free with special solutions. In order to be completely certain, other aspects of battery function which need to be tested are specific gravity and electrolyte level.

#1 Generator Service Orange County

To be sure that your generator is fully operational, call Patriot Electric whenever you need maintenance. We will come up with a long-term plan to best suit your needs and keep you safe against power outages.


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