Is It Time to Call a Generator Repair or Technician?

With the world being exceedingly dependent on all things electrical, generators are becoming a modern-day lifeline in emergency situations. They are able to provide electrical power, heat, and light at the touch of a button. That is why regular generator check-up and maintenance is essential, especially if you want to be certain that your generator is as reliable as it can be. You do not want to be left high and dry when you need it most. Although contacting a trained generator repair Orange County NY electrician is the right option, you need to know when to do so.

Here is how to know you need to request professional assistance.

Scheduled Test Alerts

Alerts are the most common way of realizing that something might be wrong with your generator. Most modern generators can perform automatic weekly self-tests, so it is easy enough to contact a trained professional upon noticing an initial warning. However, some generators lack this feature, so you have to be on the lookout for other telltale signs.

Visible Damage

Apart from being alerted by the machine itself, visual damage is the easiest way of knowing that your generator unit is not in the state it should be. Look for dents and cracks on your generator. In case you spot any, the functionality might be compromised, so have the generator fixed right away.


The older the backup generator, the more likely it is to develop certain glitches, leaks being the most frequent. Depending on the type of unit, it can leak oil, diesel, or coolant that keeps the engine block from overheating. Detecting leaks can be a difficult task, as they can spring from almost anywhere. Regularly check for puddles around your generator, and notify a professional if they exist.

Tattered Electrical Components

Frayed wires, loose buttons, and faulty connectors all indicate that the generator is in need of repair. Also, you should have the battery voltage checked by a professional. If it isn

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