There is no telling when an electrical emergency can occur. When it does, it is not the time for you to see whether you can still remember your physics lessons. During an electrical emergency, you should have the number of a reliable electrician ready.

At Patriot Electric, we have patriot electric with relevant experience and qualifications to handle any electrical repair or installation. We are available every day from 8am to 8pm to attend to any of your electrical needs and our technicians operate at the highest level of professionalism.

We have found a way to offer our services at the most reasonable rates, while remaining committed to the highest level of service. Below is a breakdown of the services provided by our licensed electricians in Tuxedo.

Residential Licensed Electrician Services

We offer an extensive range of residential services to the residents of Tuxedo. They include outdoor lighting scenes, outlet installation, lighting design & implementation, bathroom & ceiling fan installation, roof de-icing cables and electrical upgrades.

When our licensed electricians undertake a project at your home, we can assure you that it will be completed on time and contain no hidden costs.

Commercial Licensed Electrician Services

As members of the Tuxedo business society, we have your best interests at heart. When you call, our licensed electricians make a timely arrival. We then solve your electrical problem as fast as possible to minimize your business downtime.

If your business never takes a day off, we are the ideal Tuxedo & Greenwood Lake electricians for you. We are available 7 days a week. Minimizing costs is a significant aspect of your business, and as a result, we calculate the most reasonable prices for you.

Generator Installation & Maintenance

Is it safe to say that power failure is the second the most annoying thing, after a slow internet connection? No matter what you were doing, whether watching your favorite TV show, cooking, taking a hot shower or preparing a presentation for work, you are likely to rely on electricity.

That in mind, we believe a standby backup generator is an excellent choice for you. Patriot Electric, can install a vast array of standby as well as portable generators. Our licensed electricians can install and connect a generator to your electrical system quickly and efficiently for your convenience.

A standby generator is extremely useful in case of a power outage. We can provide customized systems such as whole home operations or transfer switches.

We also provide maintenance services for your generator. Call our licensed electricians today for a free in-home consultation.

Home Lighting Control

In an era where technology has simplified every aspect of our life, we can make sure you can control your entire home lighting remotely. Since almost everyone has a Smartphone, our licensed electricians install smart appliances in your residence which enable you to turn on/off your home lights from your Smartphone or tablet.

Reach out to Patriot Electric today to fix any electrical issue you experience in your home or commercial property!

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